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Empowering CX with employees first

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | November 4, 2019

“Basically, be a heart with ears”…

…One of my favorite quotes from this week’s “Sweets of CX” guest- Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn, co-founder of, certified health coach, CloudCherry’s 2019-2020 CX Influencer Champ, and the founder of Jenny Dempsey Wellness– Miss Jenny Dempsey herself.

So, what’s she referring to? Simply put, this week is all about empowering CX with Employees first. In her conversation with James Gilbert, she discusses what it takes to become an employee-first company. “It really starts with leadership staying consistent and actually showing that they care about their employees- not just with words, but with consistent actions over time…and listening to their employees. This isn’t a one-time thing. It’s not like you can just go read a book, and then all-of-a-sudden you’re gonna change your company culture overnight. This could take a looong time.”

Noted! From the importance of simply ASKING questions, to the necessity for leaders to embrace vulnerability and to BE the example of making personal wellness a priority, so much of this week comes down to remembering that- as Jenny puts it- “Well, we’re human…SO at the end of the day, we are humans at work. Humans helping other humans. Our overall well-being and the well-being of our customers does play a role in the day-to-day…If we’re pretending to be robots and not acknowledging that maybe we do have a lot of stuff going on outside of work, it’s eventually gonna rise to the surface.”

Love being reminded of those beautiful- and oh so essential- basics. James and Jenny also discuss the idea of instilling values starting in the hiring phase, who exactly needs to be involved to insure alignment, as well as some of the top tips our expert has for getting said alignment. Basically, there’s a whole assortment of goodies in this week’s box of CX Sweets. 

And- when asked what company has wowed her- Jenny shared an experience involving a small brand called Rickaroons that, “took ownership of the issue” and blew her away. We think you’ll wanna check it out. –  And remember: Heart + Ears= a dang good place to start.

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Jenny Dempsey’s Bio:

Jenny Dempsey is currently the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn. With over a decade of customer service experience under her belt – from the front line to director level management and everything in between, she’s also the co-founder of As certified health coach and the founder of Jenny Dempsey Wellness, she speaks and gives workshops on self-care to customer service agents and leaders. And last- but certainly not least- Jenny was recently named CloudCherry’s 2019-2020 CX Champion, in the category of Influencer.