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Empathy is key to Customer Delight

CloudCherry | Featured | April 23, 2015


Empathy Is Key To Customer Delight


Search Instagram for #retailtherapy. As of April 21, 2015, there were 595,502 posts. Shopping is not a chore anymore. Some don’t even plan for it. More often than not, it’s driven by pure impulse. And pretty much, almost always is considered a mood lifter.

So as a retailer, the question you need to ask yourselves is, ‘are we making this mood lifting experience delightful?’

If yes, do you know what the biggest contributor to providing a complete customer experience is? It’s the feeling of empathy.

Four Effective Tips To Bring Empathy Into Your Game


Empathetic sales representatives add that competitive advantage to traditional brick and mortar retailers. With that being said, how do you instill a sense of empathy in them?

Here are some valuable tips.

1. Help customers find the products they are looking for.

2. Understand their frustration at the unavailability of products.

3. Apologise and assure to notify them or even taking the next step and deliver the product to their doorstep when it becomes available.

4. Greet your regular customers by their first name at the billing counter and give them customized offers.

A large set of customers love the personal interaction and the human factor while dealing with their brands. Thus the onus is on you now to recognize your customers’ needs and doing something about it. And when you do that, your customers will reward you with their loyalty and also become strong advocates of your brand.


Don’t Fake It


Sounds pretty easy right? Now here’s the more challenging part. The empathy must be sincere and genuine. For this to succeed, the customer service executives of your store must strive to cater to the customer’ needs with all their heart. Insincere empathy can be misunderstood by the customers as a mockery of their feelings. And that is the last thing you want your customers to feel, uncared for. In other words, don’t do it for the sake of.

Don’t do it because we tell you that you should. Do it because you believe that it will truly make that difference.

So how can you drill down empathy into your customer service executives? When you adopt it as an organizational value, it will flow from the top level down to the lower levels. In other words, the organization must be empathetic towards the needs of the employees first. This breeds loyalty among your employees towards the company and they would earnestly attempt to do whatever is best for your organization, customer delight being one of them.

A thoughtful, polite and respectful representative of your brand can yield returns in ways you never imagined, and truly help in pushing the bar from customer satisfaction to delight.

So why did we talk about #retailtherapy? Because that’s what shopping has become now. Therapeutic. So isn’t it time you played your part in actually making it a delightful, joyful experience for your customer?

More empathy => More Customer Delight => More sales

Empathize With Your Customer