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The Perfect tool to Democratize Consumer Opinion

CloudCherry | Featured | February 10, 2016

In most organizations front-line employees often labour in the dark. They know that their work has a direct bearing on how customers feel about the brand. But the nuances of how their effort impacts consumer affinity for the brand remains unclear or is tied to complex statistics and reports.

This scenario applies to many other categories of employees who have an impact on customers. Product designers, pricing analysts, quality managers etc, are seemingly far removed from the people the company serves. But the decisions they take — the engineer’s choice of features, the pricing determined by the strategist — affect the customer experience in a similar manner as the work of a front-line employee. However, such employees often are even more in the dark than front line employees. Their line of sight to what customers think and feel is at best obscure, at worst non-existent.

In the age of the consumer, it is imperative to place the customer at the centre of the organizational nucleus and orient all departments towards his worldview. This becomes almost impossible when consumer data is mired in complex formulas, statistics and static presentations.


    Making an organization consumer-centric goes hand in hand with democratizing the access to consumer information through the organizational hierarchy.

By democratizing the consumer understanding process and involving a wider group of employees, one better understands the consumer and is able to make more relevant consumer decisions.

For example, by analyzing how consumers are using a product today, employees are in a position to find out what can be improved. When such an insight is replicated by employees after adding internal observations and ideas, it is shared with various people across the organization and it triggers action. The insight then actually becomes a MEME. A Meme moves beyond isolated insight – A Meme hopes to take a learning and entrench it within the organization’s cultural code.


    The philosophy of democratization moves an organization from reporting to involving; it moves the focus on the consumer from teams to the organization and repositions customer centricity from individual projects to an organizational habit.


Democratizing Customer Opinion: Where should you Start?

1. Map the Consumer’s Journey with the Brand

2. Ask Consumers for their Opinion during important points of their journey with the brand.

3. Connect with consumers for their opinion when the assessment of it is most relevant.

4. Collect the opinion in a manner most convenient to the consumer.

5. Make the relevant consumer opinions available immediately and accessible at any time to all stakeholders.

6. Trigger required action based on feedback to ensure that the consumer’s opinion is taken seriously and acted upon.

7. Never stop the effort when it comes to delighting consumers!

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