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Delight Diaries with Cloudcherry!

CloudCherry | Featured | July 7, 2014

Delight Diaries With Cloudcherry!

One of our best interns, Ganeshkumar Balasubramanian left last week to get back to year 2 of his MBA program. In his break, we brought him in and made sure we squeezed the most out of him. Here’s what he had to say before he left:

“A day after completing my 1st year of PGDM, I joined Cloudcherry as an intern. Looks like I picked the right time to do so (or maybe the wrong time) as it was just when the company was readying itself for the big launch. What got me even more excited was the fact that my role would be to assist on the Analytics front.

On day 1, I was assigned with the task of preparing questionnaires for a specific industry, the one area in which I was a bit unprepared. But I had to finish the task. I struggled a lot to get the task done. It took me almost a month to settle in and get used to the environment of a Start Up.

But soon, things fell into place with interesting activities that happen regularly – daily huddles, weekly milestones, Whiteboard Wednesdays – times when everyone in the team is expected to share information, set individual milestones, share new ideas, review existing ideas. And a whole lot of banter.

Any new company would be full of innovative ideas but when the organization grows, they stop giving priority to innovation. With that caution in mind, Cloudcherry came up with the idea of ‘Whiteboard Wednesdays’ where everyone has to share his/her own idea to improvise our current product with the team. This motivates people in the organization to think of new ideas and reinvent the wheel.

Everyone in the organization takes the responsibility in getting the task done. I took the responsibility to suggest new features from Analytics front. Apart from Analytics, I was working with clients and training them on using the product, help out in marketing and sales and prepare market research documents.

Vinod’s constant mantra is for all of us to remember what we are in business for: ‘Getting our clients close to their customers’.  This helps us to make the product better for our clients.

I must say that in such a short time, I’ve really surprised myself with the amount of new things I’ve been able to learn, adapt and execute, with support from everyone in the team.

In less than a year from now, I’ll be back in the market. And I’m really hoping to be back with Cloudcherry.”