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The definitive approach to enhance Member Experience at Credit Unions

AvatarCloudCherry | November 22, 2017

With most businesses having to adapt to the Age of the Customer, it’s no different for Credit Unions. Member experience has become integral to building a core competency in the marketspace. Members have started to choose their financial institution basis more than just the offers and deals. They’re looking for brands with which they can emotionally relate to, brands they can trust and also confidently depend on at any point of time.

So, how do you treat your members? Are you providing memorable experiences that directly drive repeat business? Our philosophy behind improving member experiences is quite simple. Start by understanding the journeys members take with your organization. It’s important to know how, when and where they engage with your Credit Union. Once you have that information, it’s about leveraging insights across these touchpoints to create action plans that optimize existing strategies and processes.

We’ve come up with an infographic that sums up, in a step-by-step manner, how Credit Unions can map member journeys and derive insights across journeys to ace member experience.

Download your eBook on Mapping Journeys to improve Member Experience at the link below!