surveys are dead

Are customer surveys dead?

CloudCherry | Featured | June 12, 2014

Lets do a simple exercise. Make the first sentence that comes to your mind using the word ’SURVEYS’. To me, it was something with ’SURVEYS ARE DEAD’ in it. It seems more like a postmortem quiz designed to achieve little more than closure – “Ah! Now we know why all 6 legs have been pointing upwards since last night!”

There’s the first casualty of the evolving market place. Why run a ‘once in 6 months’ expensive survey campaign to find out what your customers want when you could ask them every day, round the year at no extra expense?

Customer tastes are constantly evolving. How can we be sure that the survey respondents in July represent the right audience for a change that will take effect in the fall? Another survey perhaps.

So how do you make it different with Cloudcherry? Here’s a few simple ways:

On-the-fly customization: Cloudcherry’s CC CART allows you to add new questions on-the-fly. Log in to your app and there’s your newly added question!

Conditional questions: You can also choose to show questions which get triggered only when a certain preceding question is answered in a specific way. For example, you might want some questions to be asked ONLY to respondents below the age of 25.

Questions by time of day: Your breakfast buffet questions can differ from the dinner a-la-carte questions. So just set them up to appear during the time you want them to.

Retire and retain: Simply retire a question once it outlives its purpose (end of season / survey) and refresh your questionnaire. Old data is available in perpetuity.

But how do we put these awesome features in production to see our ‘Survey 365’ in action?

Simply add your ‘survey’ questions to the end of your questionnaire. You can have different questions by time of day/by gender/by age group; all showing up dynamically. So you could be running 3 different what-if scenario surveys in parallel round the clock, retire questions every week/month/season and always have access to the survey results in real time along with the ability to get the INSIGHT behind the data clutter.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it? We sure think so!

Seriously – why would you even run a survey again? 

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