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Customer Delight vs Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction vs Customer Delight

AvatarCloudCherry | May 8, 2015


Customer Satisfaction vs Customer Delight

As a customer-facing brand in a highly competitive market, what gives you the cutting edge over others? What is it that makes customers choose you every single time over other competitors?

From a technical and product perspective, there can be a lot going well for you, but on an emotional level – when dealing with customers – you’ll have to work on relationships, build strong, deep-binding ones. Only then can you not only generate repeat customers but also create loyal evangelists.

So, how do you exactly ‘work’ towards achieving this? Simple. Shift your focus from customer satisfaction to customer delight!

Why… and How?

Here’s a short anecdote that should set you on the right track.

The Delight In The Small Gestures


Christina McMenemy, the renowned blogger stayed at the Gaylord Opryland hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, each year for three consecutive years while she was in the city for an annual event. During her stay, she took fancy to a clock radio and swore that she had never slept better that she did while using it. The clock radio played a light music which one experiences at high-end spas.

She tweeted to the hotel’s official handle asking where she can buy one for herself. They said it was an exclusive edition custom-made for the hotel and it wasn’t available in the market. They further suggested a different model of clock radio. She responded(on twitter) that she didn’t enjoy the music of the other models as much as she enjoyed with the one at the hotel.

Upon returning to her room from the conference, she found not one but two spa clocks with a letter from Gaylord Opryland. The hotel earned a customer for life and goodwill from everyone who was at the conference who heard the story the next morning.

Christina posted a picture of her with the spa clock on Twitter and Instagram for more people to know about the hotel’s gesture. She was practically evangelising the brand.

The bottom line is, a simple gesture can have far more impact than you imagined. That’s the power of customer delight.

Customer Satisfaction is an idea of the past that finds its place in textbooks as a thing of the past. Customer Delight leads to increased lifetime value, loyalty and customer evangelisation.

Fun fact: President Obama’s official twitter account follows Christina on Twitter.

Improve Your Customer Expereince

1. Competitive edge: Satisfaction has many levels whereas delight is the pinnacle of satisfaction. While satisfaction is about meeting customer expectations, delight involves surpassing it and taking the entire experience to an emotional plane. A delighted customer is less likely to go to a competitor as against a satisfied customer.

2. Loyalty: Delight is an emotion that one would want to experience more than once. So, there’s a fair chance that your customers would come to you each time with an expectation when you make delight a habit. But, what matters is that they come back to you, which means an increased lifetime value.

3. Referral: Customers usually share their experience through different channels such as word of mouth, social media etc. When they’re delighted, the overall sentiment that is built around your brand among their spheres of influence is largely positive, and benefits your brand.

So,start delighting your customers RIGHT NOW!!



There’s thankfully no boring cooking-cutter formula to customer delight. It depends on a mix of different factors that shape their experience with your brand. Consistency, Empathy, empowered customer-facing employees, personalized experience etc. are key factors that get you ahead in terms of customer delight.

Satisfaction is a thing of the past. Delight is here to stay & grow.