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From Customer Satisfaction to Evangelisation – A ‘Sweet’ transition!

CloudCherry | Featured | April 27, 2015

From Customer Satisfaction To Evangelisation – A ‘Sweet’ Transition!

It was around 8 PM and I was wandering at the The Dubai Mall waiting for a friend. I saw this rather unique shop from a distance and I couldn’t figure out what they were selling. It turned out to be a fancy-looking restaurant (called the Switch restaurant), with a rather interesting signboard that said something to the effect of 15% off on bills that took pictures of the food and shared them online(twitter & Instagram). Once I was in, it wasn’t surprising to see customers clicking pictures of their brownies and cookies and posting it on twitter & Instagram.

This happened in 2013 & to me, it looked like quite an evolved strategy for social media. Social was just the medium to get the word around. The bigger fact of the matter was that the company was quietly and constantly converting their customers into evangelists. Some of the crucial factors that rather facilitated this approach were:

  1. Great food
  2. Very interesting & unique ambiance
  3. Great service

Now, there are many restaurants that satisfy the above 3 criteria. Yet, they don’t get as much promotion & word of mouth as much as Switch. Why?

As of 27th April 2015, they have 107k followers on Instagram and that’s by any standards very large for a restaurant.

Being the best is one thing. Realizing that is another. But, leveraging & acting on it is the most crucial part where most brands fail.

I was quite curious about what business impact it could have, and how could they afford that 15% discount. It was quite surprising to learn that their brownies & coffee pictures were searched across these social platforms and people from neighbouring places like Oman, Saudi Arabia etc. visited them after seeing the pictures on social media.

Technically, the discount on one bill was the cost of acquisition of new customers who saw it on social media & visited the place. This scale of economics is disruptive especially in the restaurant business.

That is the power of customer evangelisation and it transcends customer satisfaction. It not only has a positive impact on the balance sheet but also is good for the brand in the long-term. Isn’t that reason enough to start your journey from customer satisfaction to evangelisation?