Customer Feedback Vs. Customer Experience

Customer Feedback or Customer Experience: What should you focus on?

CloudCherry | Featured | March 18, 2016

Is your brand focusing on customer experience or customer feedback? The answer should ideally be both, but it is important to understand the difference between the two. While a customer feedback platform is critical to listen to customers and their expectations & needs, you should also take into consideration the entire experience throughout the customer journey to make this feedback actionable.

Customer Feedback – The customer’s opinion

Customer feedback refers to consumer opinion on a brand or business. The process of collecting customer feedback is usually through automated surveys on multiple customer interaction channels – website, e-mail, SMS, tablets – as well as paper surveys so that no customer is left out from sharing his/her viewpoint. This leads to higher survey response rates. Collecting customer feedback is the first step towards making your organization customer-centric.

Customer Experience – The customer’s journey

Customer experience is a summation of all the interactions/engagements a customer has with your brand across various touch-points throughout the customer journey. Right from the very first impression that a brand creates during on-boarding to the final interaction where the customer exits from the journey, it all falls under the customer experience. Delivering a better customer experience than all your competitors is one of the strongest competitive differentiators your brand can leverage.

What should you focus on?

Customer experience focuses on the emotional connection your customers have with your brand. This is a very important component to prioritize because it shows how your brand is perceived. The experience of your customers is something that you cannot control, and so the quality of the customer experience is a reflection of how well your brand is performing.

Customer feedback provides a way of collecting your customers’ opinion on your brand. This is good, but collecting feedback alone is not enough. What is more important is that you integrate the feedback into the overall experience, so that the feedback data becomes more actionable, aiding your business to find ways to improve/rectify and enhance individual customer interactions.

Customer feedback and customer experience should go hand-in-hand. In fact, feedback should support the customer experience and shape the brand experience. Designing the customer experience without solid customer data to back it up will only increase the gap between what your brand delivers and what your customers expect from you.

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