How to read into Customer Emails and derive Insights from it? [Infographic]

CloudCherry | Featured | December 6, 2016

Customer email IDs often fall prey to receiving the latest promotional offers, discount coupons, product release updates and every other such thing from Brands all around the world.

In fact, in a typical business scenario, the customer email ID is typically collected to keep the engagement constant, maintain the relationship and make sure the customer keeps buying from you. But is there more to Customer email IDs? Can this piece of information be used differently by brands, apart from as a opportunity to promote or sell?

What if Brands can ask Customers for Feedback via Email to improve Customer Experience and help deliver a more personalized experience? Moreover, what if there was a way to analyse customer emails and derive insights and find out the sentiment – happy, sad, or delighted – associated with that particular email?

Well, with CloudCherry’s new CEM Inbox feature Brands can not only ask customers to leave their feedback via Email but also run analysis and discover customer insights as well as the associated sentiment for that particular customer feedback on email.

This makes it possible to solicit customer feedback following an interaction the customer has with your brand and also understand where you’ve gone wrong so that later you can correct any shortcoming and inform the customer about it. To help Brand understand this concept of CEM Inbox, we’ve created an infographic around it!