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The ‘Moment of Delight’ in the Customer Journey

Vidya VenugopalanVidya Venugopalan | October 21, 2015

Customer Experience To Delight

Following Mithun Sacheti’s enlightening speech on omni-channel & customer relationships, the next speaker was Nirmal Lobo from Titan – Head of Retail in e-commerce for watches and accessories.

In a large company like Titan, it is an extremely difficult task to delight customers owning to the sheer scale of operations. If you look at their market size for watches, it is largely a franchise model where franchisees invest in people, who in turn invest in the product. So there is always an obstacle in terms of whether the franchisees think of customer experience as a cost or an investment.

Titan’s philosophy to delight customers is to “try and make the consumer smile when he leaves the store” According to Titan, it is completely normal if the customer leaves without a purchasing bag as leaving with a smile is far more important when it comes to generating repeat business.

As a retail brand, Titan’s focus is on three main aspects.

1. Customer Engagement
2. Retail Excellence
3. Image Enhancement

From Nirmal’s speech, it was pretty evident that the brand Titan as a whole markets its products in a highly specific and targeted manner. When Titan markets a product that is millennials-focused, then the whole theme of the advertisements, posters and all other marketing strategies will be designed in a jazzy and fashionable way to make them appealing to the target customer. At the same time, even the store design will reflect on this quirky and edgy theme, relating to the target group in a very clear and concise fashion.

On the other hand, the World of Titan brand image is a lot more understated, subtle and classy. So everything – right from the product to the store experience – is built in accordance with this theme so that the consumer experiences exactly what he envisions when he walks into a store.

Nirmal then narrated a small fictitious tale. Roger Federer once said that he knew everything that is to be known in tennis. Rajnikanth reiterated to this statement by asking, “Do you know the number of holes in the tennis net?

The whole customer experience journey is similar to the number of the holes in the tennis net. How does your brand make it a point to look at every single hole, make CX a core culture within the company, give it life and see it grow?

To fix on a consistent customer experience strategy at Titan, each store has a process for the customer journey right from when the customer enters till when he leaves the store. Everything is designed to give a seamless experience to the customer.

Also, Titan has its own Moment of Delight program, where the brand tries to figure out how to delight every single customer at every single touchpoint. Is there a way you can give him a little more than what he is expecting?

The Moment of Delight program brings a small imbalance into the business-consumer relationship, since you, as the brand, are exceeding expectations and delivering a little extra. And going this extra mile ultimately leads to customer delight – customer loyalty, word of mouth and more referral customers.

When it comes to the employee experience, Titan ensures that its employees are engaged, empowered and enabled. There is also a system in place that recognizes their achievements.

At the end of the day, the employee experience determines the customer experience to a large extent, and every single brand, irrespective of the vertical in which they operate, will agree with this.