Customer Experience Quotes that can inspire your business

11 quotes to inspire you to up your CEM game

CloudCherry | Featured | April 1, 2016

In business, one of the prime prerequisites is that we put our game face on, and our best foot forward, ALWAYS! Even the best of us have some very uninspiring days and the challenge is to ride the storm and remain motivated. No matter how challenging a day you are having, you cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that your customer is your priority.The tricky thing here, though, is that one simply cannot fake a smile and hope to get away with it when dealing with a customer. The only way forward is developing an attitude which recognizes the value of your customer and puts them ahead of everything else.

Here’s a quick rundown of 10 quotes (and 1 proverb) to pump you up with enthusiasm, when it comes to keeping track of the mission called “customer experience

11. marilyan suttle

Stay humble. Customer loyalty is always earned and never guaranteed. In remembering to stay ahead of our competitors and working relentlessly at delighting and thereby retaining customers lies the difference.

10.kate zabriskie

Your brand is a promise. The customer’s perception of your brand is contingent on how well you keep your promise (or not). Every interaction the customer has with your brand could enhance their perception. It is, at once, as simple and as complex!

9. sam

Rather self-explanatory, this. It would not be an exaggeration to say that without customers there would be no business! Meaning – everything you do is for your customers’ needs to be met. Their loyalty is directly linked to how delightful an experience you provide them.

8. japneese

Remain consistent. One cannot, ever, undermine the truth in this proverb in today’s insta-update world. One wrong review can bring empires crashing down. Well, perhaps an exaggeration, but you get the point. You may build a very successful customer-centric brand, but complacency is unacceptable. Being on top of things, constantly and relentlessly is the only approach to CEM.

7. richard branson

Be clever. It is all about what you promise and how well you live up to your word. Understand your customers’ demands so intricately that you not only meet and satisfy them but also surpass and delight them. It always pays to offer people more than what they expect from you. Especially if they happen to be customers!

6. lauren

Empathy is a magic word. The fundamental objective behind a customer buying your service/product is that he/she has a certain need which you address. Make arrangements to address the intrinsic emotional value of a transaction, and connect with your customers on that level so that they remember you for not just the monetary transaction but for the entire experience.

5. ben cohen

And that ‘feeling good ’ part is something on which you can aspire to cash in. People love being recognized and appreciated. Make every customer feel as if he/she were your sole focus and your customers will in turn treat you like you are the only choice they have, because going anywhere else (with their business) is just not as rewarding an experience!

4. steve

Take it from that man whose brand is somewhat of a cult in itself. This is demand and supply redefined. If you can provide your customers with something that they need but don’t even acknowledge as being possible, you become God. Apple’s success is majorly due to this kind of customer-behaviour clairvoyance!

3. jeff bezos

Wisdom from another giant in the world of customer experience – Amazon. As explained in the Golden Circle Theory by Simon Sinek, great leaders take the existing system and flip it around to become game changers. Creating customers for a product is the traditional way of business. Visionaries create products for customers, thereby making them the centre of their business.

2. Tony Hsieh

We, at Cloudcherry, strongly believe in this simply because the employees make up the brand. Very few things are as contagious as enthusiasm and building an army of motivated, happy employees will but translate to better profitability. When a disgruntled customer is greeted by a happy employee, half his woes are addressed simply owing to the fact that he will feel the hospitality then and there. Culture within the organisation can directly reflect upon customer loyalty.

1. bill gates

Nothing else informs you about loopholes in your business like the feedback from your own customers. Open up all channels of communications to and from your customers so they tell you their concerns and close the loop by addressing and resolving the issues. The only thing better than a loyal customer is a customer who has converted into one! Learn from your mistakes, listen to what your customers say and constantly up the ante. After all, your customers’ delight is your delight!

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