Improving customer experience in the mobile services industry

Improving Customer Experience in the mobile services industry

CloudCherry | Featured | May 24, 2016

Before we go any further, I have one little task for you. Consider the two statements, and imagine each of them doing the rounds on social media:

1.I cannot tell you how happy I am with my mobile network provider. I urge all you guys to switch to ‘this’ brand because they have been extremely competent in fixing my issue even before I realize there is one!

2.By far the worst service ever – guys, PLEASE steer clear from ‘this’ network. It isn’t about the time or the money, but the shoddy, insensitive service is just unacceptable. Spent 3 hours on a call with the customer care only to realize that they can’t address the issue for the next 48 hours! What a Nightmare!!!

The task is to judge which one amongst the two is a real post that we found on Facebook and which one is the one we made up just like that. Quite evident, isn’t it? (95% of dissatisfied customers tell others about their bad experience. (Source))

And unfortunately in the mobile services industry, this is particularly true given how much we are all dependent on our mobile phones for our day-to-day functioning. An hour away from our mobiles could lead us to some really anxious times – unimaginable almost, life without our little friends, isn’t it! This extreme dependency is something that all telecom companies should ideally cash in on to build an even stronger dependency by offering an unparalleled customer experience and service. This isn’t the case, however counter-logical as it may appear.

It is safe to assume that Customer Experience is an integral part of the service industry in general. Therefore, fixing customer experience problems could go a long way in redefining the image of the mobile services sector. This being the case, what is it that mobile service providers can do differently to ameliorate their service.

Getting the Basics right

Invest time and effort to design a customer-centric approach to your business model. It’s about time this industry woke up to the undisguised truth that Customer Experience is the be all and end all of all customer-facing businesses. Recognize the power that today’s customers are bestowed with and make changes to your operational strategy. The “same old ” approach towards your customers will only prove disastrous to your brand image.

The “Real-time” promise

How many times have we all had to wait for what felt like an eternity just to get to speak to a customer care representative, trying to understand something as basic as why you can’t use your mobile data? And when you do get through to one, there are all the chances that you’ll be told that it will be fixed in the next 24 hours! In this day and age of instant messaging, an explanation like this is as unacceptable as it is ludicrous!

First-contact resolution is another very important concept that many mobile service providers have a tough time guaranteeing. Investing in first-contact resolution is extremely vital to mobile service providers because your customers don’t have the time to speak to 3-4 different people, explaining the same issue over and over again. Frankly, it would even leave me frustrated! Cut down the number of steps that customers have to climb to reach you. Empower first-contact employees to address any and all issues they can fix by themselves without having to transfer the call or escalate every issue at hand. This would not only make your customers happy but also make operations more efficient at your end. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in a win-win!

Open the doors to an Omni-channel Experience

Perhaps the most logical of all solutions, this one. When you restrict the access your customer has to reach you, it results in them having a very limited and narrow experience with your brand as well. Opening up multiple channels of interaction allows for a much more rewarding experience as they can be sure to count on you in case of any complaints or problems or even feedback in general. Explore the world of wonders known as ‘social media’, in this regard. Listen to what your customers have to say about you and surprise them by addressing their issues and make sure you let them know about the fact that their complaint has been looked into. These are very small steps which will lead you to establish a much stronger relationship with your customers.

A good CEM platform will make sure your customers and their behaviour, as dynamic as it may be, is no mystery to you. When you understand them and their needs better, you can customize the experience to suit their needs thereby making them feel good about being associated with your brand. The key word here is real-time solution for issues across multiple channels.

Find out what they have to say about you after every interaction with your brand so that you constantly evolve and better your delight-delivery mechanism. Read into their feedback and analyse it. Should you spot any loopholes on your end, fix them right away. Close the loop and inform your customers that their feedback was of great help to you and that you have fixed the particular issue. This is the only way you’ll ever gain their trust and remember, trust is everything when it comes to customer loyalty.