How to make a difference one customer at a time

Customer Delight is about making a difference – one customer at a time

CloudCherry | Featured | February 2, 2015

Customer Delight Is About Making A Difference

To make a difference, we need to act in a certain way. And when it comes to a customer facing business, that difference is absolutely necessary today – and that is not being about customer satisfaction or customer service.

It’s time to be about Customer Delight. You might have heard this term from us a lot, and it’s rapidly becoming a buzzword.

So what does it mean? It’s about the business going over and beyond the normal customer service that provide right now, and offer one that’s really an experience, one that will leave a marked impression on the customer.

Honestly, no one consciously provides bad service, and customers really don’t have much to complain about in most cases. But isn’t that just what’s expected? That’s simply service, and it’s something that’s a requirement, a norm, a basic necessity.

But Delightful service is something a customer will never ever forget, something that they’ll always want and will keep coming back for.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Sounds almost simple, right? Well, the hard part is actually getting there.

So, What Do You Need To Achieve Customer Delight?

It starts with understanding what your customers actually feel. You’re doing everything that YOU believe as what you do best. But it just might be one or few of those things that your customers actually don’t like about you. Which is why you need to go dig deeper. You need to actually ask customers the right questions, in an easy, simple, non-intrusive way to elicit a response from them willingly.

Sure, we’ve heard business owners say “Customers don’t like giving feedback which is why we don’t even bother”. Fair enough. But wouldn’t you be happy even with feedback from one customer?

If one diner came to you and said “this chicken tastes funny”. Would you say “thanks, but you’re just one customer so your opinion doesn’t matter” or would you run into the kitchen right away and check the batch of chicken sitting in there?

Here’s what you should be doing

  • Give your customers an easy, simple way to provide feedback.
  • Stay on your toes, and ensure that you have a real-time way to monitor and address issues.
  • Set up a process to take action right away.
  • Believe in the power of your customers – delight 1 customer and expect them to bring you 100.
  • Make Delight a science – track data, use tools to analyse it, share it with your team, take decisions based on this data.

There are several tools out there to do several of these functions – Tools like Cloudcherry lets you effectively handle this process so it’s time you implement a solution in your business – and watch the delighted customers pour in!