Why Customer data is important

Why Customer Data is important to improve Customer Satisfaction

CloudCherry | Featured | October 25, 2014

Why Customer Data Is Important

The Shift Of Focus

There was time when customers had no choice on whom to deal with. Their choices were pretty much limited, their demands attainable. Also, the business owner had all the power and the customers had nowhere to go. Fortunately or unfortunately, that’s not the case today.

The customers have a whole gamut of brands to choose from, depending on what they want, how they want it, and how they wanted to be treated while making the purchase. So, naturally the control of power has shifted from the business owners to the customers. Nowadays, if customers are not satisfied with a business, or feel that a particular business is underachieving in its criteria of customer delight, they will simply leave and start spending money elsewhere.

Also, in the past, you might have noticed that unsatisfied customers didn’t necessarily disparage the image of a business. However, with the advent of social media and other technologies that gives your customer instant and free access to the online world, any impact made by unsatisfied customers is huge.

Therefore, in keeping up with this trend, it has become the duty of businesses to make sure their customers’ needs are met at all times. In other words, it has become the duty of businesses to keep their customers satisfied.

Now, what’s meant by keeping a customer satisfied? Is it just making sure their issues and complaints are attended to? Is it achieved by just making sure the product or service they want is always available? Well, it encompasses all the above points, plus something extra and deeper. Something that shows you truly care about your customers.

Customer satisfaction is achieved by instilling a feeling in every customer that he/she matters to the business.

The first step to instill such a feeling is to understand your customers. Who they are, where are they from, what they want, how they want it, are they happy or not and things like that. This is precisely why customer data is very important for businesses.

Typically social media, feedback surveys and transactions are the commonly used sources for acquiring customer data. When it comes to customer data, every minute piece of information related to the customer matters.

5 ways Customer Data can be beneficial

1. Communicate
To communicate to customers directly for marketing purposes or in case they are dissatisfied with the customer experience and customer service.

2. Time Spend On Brand
To see how much your customers spend every time they interact with your brand. This tells you how valuable they are to your business both in the short and long term.

3. Preferences
To discover their preferences so that highly personalized offers and customer experiences can be delivered.

4. Trend
To find out what is trending amongst your customer base, and then group such topics based on age, group or sex so that related offers can be promoted or a new feature/product can be introduced.

5. Like & Dislike
To find out what customers like and dislike the most so that their experience can be enhanced the next time they come.

The list of the benefits of gathering customer data goes on and on. At the end of the day, implementing action steps that are a lot more data-driven will give customers themselves a feeling that they are being heard and treated fairly. Guess what they call this emotion? Customer Satisfaction! And that is precisely what will help a business grow and stand apart from its competitors.