Cult Brand Vs. Also RANs

Cult Brands vs Also-Rans: The Difference In Approach

CloudCherry | Featured | April 20, 2017

What differentiates brands like Amazon and Zappos from the rest? Why are these brands brought up during any discussion on Customer Experience, in a positive manner? How have these brands garnered a loyal fan base that can’t be poached by their competitiors?

The answer lies in the difference in approach. Brands that attain a Cult Status have been able to hit those heights only because their approach to running a business is not just different but more customer-focused. The other brands, however, are comfortable with the status-quo and satisfied with average profits and average results.

So, what exactly is this ‘difference in approach’ we are talking about? Here’s an infographic highlighting what Cult Brands do differently from the rest.

Cult Brands Emerging