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3 Credit Unions with an NPS higher than Apple

AvatarPala | December 1, 2018

Credit Unions are generally well-liked by their members – but did you know that some credit unions have stronger member loyalty than Apple?! Apple is well known for having some of the most loyal fans. People stream their annual product announcements during their breaks at work and line up for days to purchase the latest iPhone. This loyalty translates to an insanely high Net Promoter Score (NPS). And while it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where it stands at any one moment, it’s widely accepted that Apple’s current NPS hovers around 72.

How can a financial institution compete with Apple for fans? We’ve found three credit unions that have unlocked the secrets to member loyalty – all reporting a current 90 day rolling NPS of well over 70.

In this post, we look at how these three credit unions – Nymeo, Teachers Credit Union and Clearview Federal Union – have built an exceptional member experience, how they continue to drive member loyalty and three takeaways your credit union can put into place right now.


Current NPS: 75

Nymeo was founded in 1933 by a small group of Bureau of Standards employees. 80 years later, they are now a small and mighty credit union boasting 20,000 members and awards for the Best Credit Union to Work For and Best of the Best Credit Unions (two years in a row!).

Much of this success comes from Nymeo’s dedication to member experience. “We strive to really listen to concerns and focus on making improvements, whether it means changing processes, policies and/or vendor changes,” says Jennifer Stillrich, Member Experience Manager. “We want the members to know that we care, we listen and what they tell us is important. One of our strategic priorities is to create a differentiated member experience and measuring and acting upon our member’s feedback helps us meet this goal.”

This dedication shines through in the comments that members leave in their experience surveys. Their responses are full of glowing comments like: “I always feel like everyone knows me, even when they don’t. I love my Credit Union.”

Using CloudCherry, Nymeo collects member feedback from five touchpoints:

  • New Account Creation, Branch or Website
  • Transactions at Branch
  • Call Center Transaction
  • New Loan
  • Account Closed

Across each of these touchpoints, their focus on closing the loop with members. That means every comment from a detractor gets sent to a manager for follow up, with real-time notifications. Every comment and score is analyzed and presented on their CloudCherry CrossTab dashboard. This feedback helps Nymeo to prioritize MX improvements to drive customer loyalty. Over the next year, Nymeo hopes to be listening & acting on at least 10 touchpoints.


“The credit union is always there when you need help, or just to ask a question or two. The employees are so nice, and polite… I like to thank you all for always helping me.”

– Quote from Nymeo Member

Teachers Credit Union

Current NPS: 77

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) is Indiana’s largest credit union with fifty-five branches throughout Indiana and Southwest Michigan. They’ve also accumulated quite a following of loyal members with a sky-high NPS of 77.

Nicole Alcon, Senior Vice President & Chief Member Experience Officer, says their focus on each individual interaction has a lot to do with their high NPS score. “Our goal is to deliver outstanding WOW service with each member. TCU team members are committed to following our Vision, Mission & Core Values. We want to help our members achieve financial success with each interaction and WOW service is the key to making this happen.”

The comments from members back this up – many reference specific employees at their branches, which goes to show how close their relationships have become.

In CloudCherry, TCU relies heavily on the ability to drill down to see NPS by branch and segment scores across demographics. This helps identify where improvements are needed on a micro level. These insights contribute to targeted employee training initiatives. TCU also actively closes the loop with detractors to ensure no comment goes unheard.

Clearview Federal Credit Union

Current NPS: 82

Clearview offers competitive rates across their 17 full-service branches in Southwestern Pennsylvania. But their competitive advantage doesn’t just come from their low costs – they also offer one of the best member experiences to their 84,000 members. Clearview’s NPS is consistently higher than Apple’s, and currently sits at a staggeringly high 82.

They achieve such amazing results through closely following their member’s journey from the very beginning, and across every channel. As soon as a visitor interacts with their website for a specified amount of time, Clearview reaches out to see how they can help. From the discovery and evaluation phase, through sign-up and onboarding, and all the way to closing their account, Clearview offers members an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. Using CloudCherry, they can map these various touchpoints to the member journey to identify areas of opportunity to improve their NPS even higher.

This close attention to the end-to-end member experience pays off. Their members rave about them on external review sites like WalletHub. Take this anonymous member review from just a couple months ago as a prime example:


“Clearview Federal Credit Union helped me transition from small-town banking into the faster-paced lifestyle that was the city of Pittsburgh. With great hours as well as understanding the process that it took to switch accounts, they were with me every step of the way. Even with a simple savings and checking account, I can tell that Clearview has their member in mind first. With the help of Clearview I was able to handle all of my expenses and keep track of my finances quickly and efficiently.”

Over the next few months, Clearview hopes to roll out their experience surveys into even more channels, like their mobile banking app, with the help of CloudCherry.

3 things Credit Unions can do to improve MX

Your member experience is what defines your success as a credit union. Members choose to use a credit union because they want that personalized, friendly experience they can’t get at a big bank.

To drive member loyalty, it’s important to focus on the in-branch experience, in particular;

  • Delivering a personal touch: Ensure tellers call every member by their name, remember past visits and context. Anything they can do to deliver a more personal experience will build a stronger connection between member and branch. This is something large, national brands can find very challenging to replicate due their size and high employee turnover.
  • Be empathetic and knowledgeable: Understand each member’s unique situation and offer advice and support based on your credit union’s products. Developing a long-term relationship with members will help employees become trusted advisors with deep insight into the needs of members.
  • Quick turnarounds: Aim to get members through the queue in no more than a few minutes. Wait times often have a high impact on NPS and can be a big cause of dissatisfaction at specific branches.

Employee experience is also key to delivering a consistently great member experience. By creating a space where front-line employees are driven to give their best, you can ensure that every member interaction is handled with care.


Because credit unions must compete with traditional banks, they need to lean into their strengths: building personal connections and delivering a consistently excellent member experience. The three credit unions above boast exceptionally high NPS results because of their dedication to providing amazing service and closing the loop with each member.

Struggling to transform member experience at your credit union? Download our free e-book on building a modern member experience program and learn:

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