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consistent customer experience

Consistency is key to Customer Delight

AvatarCloudCherry | April 18, 2015

Consistent Customer Experience Is Key To Customer Delight

Is Your In-Store Customer Experience Consistent?

Let us assume you are the regional sales head of your retail brand. Here are 5 questions for your surprise visit to one of your brands:

  1. Do you see satisfied customers consistently provided with the right mix of products and services?
  2. Are these products properly displayed?
  3. Are all your employees attentive and focused on your customers? Do they have the right attitude and the knowledge?
  4. Is the store clean and conforming to appearance and brand standards?
  5. Would you see the same thing if you went to every store in your network? If you went in the evening or on the weekend or when the manager was not there?

If ‘NO’ is the answer to even one of these questions, you are not ensuring a delightful customer experience regardless of how well-identified your target customers are and how well-positioned your store is, according to Oliver Wyman Consulting Group.

Time and again, brands have realized that consistency is key to customer delight. Right from what your marketing messaging is, to what the customers actually experience in the store, a consistent experience elevates the brand equity in the minds of customers. This is key to turning customers into evangelists.

Consistency in retail has so many aspects to it right from store layout to running promotional offers to queuing to billing process to the attitude & usefulness of floor staff.

How do you ensure that all of these aspects are taken care of at all your outlets at all times? How do you control these variables from where you are without having to pay umpteen surprise visits?

Focus On The Customer Journey, Not On Individual Touchpoints

Customers are more concerned about how they are treated throughout their journey with a brand rather than how they feel at individual touchpoints. Your mobile app UX might be brilliant and effortless but if you cannot deliver on a consistent customer experience across the whole customer journey, right from on-boarding to the final checkout phase, your efforts will nottranslate into loyal customers.

There are so many retail brands out there who have streamlined their resources to optimise a certain few touchpoints only, without paying attention to the many other platforms that are also being used by their customers. Such brands will need to change their outlook on what a consistent customer experience is.

It is no longer a one-off interaction or engagement that elates a customer, makes him recommend your brand to his friends/family. You’ll rather have to grind hard enough to hit the bullseye wherever and whenever you can.

Now, is that even possible? If so, how?

Customer Feedback Is Your Staple Diet!

You cannot control what you cannot measure.

Thus, feedback collection & analysis becomes an important part of ensuring consistency of service. By collecting and analyzing customer feedback in real-time, you can act on it immediately thereby taking control of the situation before it’s too late.

Feedback collection isn’t the end but the means to identify the pain points in your service across your organization to act on. Over a period of time, you can understand customer preferences across different dimensions (say demographic) and know exactly what it takes to maintain positive customer sentiment with consistency.

So, what are you waiting for? Measure, analyze, act and delight consistently.

Start Delighting Now

Reference: Oliver Wyman Consulting Group