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Collaborating for Success

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | February 7, 2020

Collaboration. Communication. Cohesion…

All those lovely (and essential) ‘ions’ are at the heart of this week’s ‘Sweets of CX’ Episode. Thank goodness I was joined by a true expert on Collaborating for Success. After all, he wrote the book. (No really, that’s the title of one of his books.) –  Bob Roark is an Executive Solution Strategist for Cherwell, top 12 Finalist in CloudCherry’s 2019-2020 CX Championship, best-selling author and speaker, and our esteemed guest this week.

So, where DO things currently stand in terms of IT and CX? And how did we end up here? To find those answers, you’ll have to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start…yep, went there). In our conversation, Bob lays out a brief history of IT- describing it as “an industry that was built as an afterthought”. And it’s both fascinating and foundational in terms of understanding where we are today.

Where exactly is that? According to Bob, we’re doing “better than ever before.” Fantastic news! But we still have a long way to go.

Fortunately, Bob shares a wealth of knowledge on what steps we should take to get there. From the importance of breaking down silos to the top 3 pieces of advice he’d offer in terms of meeting- and exceeding- customer expectations (no spoilers), as well as the goals he’d suggest we keep at the forefront this year (hint: co-created value is gonna be a big one), Bob provides a mini masterclass in collaboration.

He also offers his expert opinion on the definition of true communication, detailing it as “when you have an understanding that opens that ability to have both parties really understanding and moving in the same direction towards whatever that value is that both parties need.” How do we accomplish this? As Bob says, “That is the challenge,” but it has a lot to do with understanding Intention behind expectations. It’s about getting to the TRUE heart of what people (both customers and employees) want. We’re “not just giving them what they say they want, but really understanding who they are.” Hear, hear!

So, what brand has impressed our expert with its excellent CX? – Vail Resorts (with their motto “Experiences of a Lifetime”) wins that acknowledgement. As Bob puts it, they’re “knocking it out of the park in everything that they do,” with experiences that go so far above and beyond as to- in some instances- be lifesaving. Now THAT’s some seriously successful CX!

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Bob Roark’s Bio:

Bob Roark is an Executive Solution Strategist for Cherwell, a technology company specializing in Service Management software, and a technology services industry expert, best-selling author and speaker.

Bob is a results-driven Service Management and Leadership executive with an unwavering focus on delivering world-class customer and employee experience for internal and external customers. With a broad range of technical and business experience across multiple industries, his positive approach of empowering, coaching and developing colleagues, drives business value for all stakeholders through a culture of collaboration and customer-centricity.