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The CX Champions Who Deserve More Than Just A Prize- Feb ‘19

James GilbertJames Gilbert | March 14, 2019

At CloudCherry, we believe customers are our backbone and value employees and influencers who make customers their top priority. This year, we came up with an idea to award such talented CX experts. The CX Champion Contest was all about nominating the best CX superheroes who go above and beyond their limits to surprise the customer and make them feel happy about the brand or business. There was a $1000 dollar cash prize along with recognition from leadership team, bragging rights for a long time and off course a special surprise worthy of a champion. 

We received 100+ nominations that made us aware of real talent being recognised at organisations. Peer-to-peer recognition is a key factor at driving motivation within a company and the CX champion contest showed us that how well people who perform are admired by others. Our criteria were to choose the best above the rest. We asked for CX stories that were inspiring in certain ways where a CX lover (who may or may not be a part of the customer support team) had gone beyond expectations to make a customer feel important. Solving out their issues or creating a better deal or making a small change from the backend to make the customer’s problem addressed in no time at all. 

Going through these nominations, we found that only choosing one story would be an injustice to the best ones that deserve real recognition, and hence, we finalised 3. 

Our top 3 winners are: 

Nate Brown 

Director of Customer Experience at UL EHS Sustainability & Co-Founder of CX Accelerator 

Nate started his career in the year 2007 and has worked tirelessly for years to give back to CX industry. He is specialized at finding training employees to understand customer journeys and he is well versed in a variety of skills like CX disciple, employee engagement, etc. Nate has been recognised by ICMI as one of the Top 50 CX Thought Leaders. 

The person who nominated Nate, had a wonderful story to tell about him- 

Not only does he share his own brilliant ideas, but he also strives to promote the ideas of others. Nate had a great idea for collecting unstructured feedback using promo USB buttons. It was really innovative and would be cost effective for broad implementation across many industries.”- Nominator. 

Check out his profile: 

Kristin Guthrie

VP, Customer Experience at ICW Group 

Kristin has an experience of working in the industry since 1993. Her journey makes her a specialist and leader at sales and marketing, planning, strategising and customer service in both B2B and B2C environments. 

She is known for her strong skills like creating brand awareness, building a brand image to a customer and strong customer relationship management. 

Quoting the nominator- 

“ICW Group Insurance Companies is the largest group of privately held insurance companies. In recent years, with massive growth, the main challenge faced by the ICW group is to ensure that their customers have a positive and remarkable experience. With a company that’s been operating for almost five decades, transforming to a customer-centric culture that puts the needs of their customers first takes someone who is a progressive thinker, and has the determination and drive to change the business. As the leader of a newly created Customer Experience role, Kristin Guthrie clearly demonstrates the characteristics of a visionary leader. New to the company, she has been influential in getting the members of the executive team and other stakeholders to buy into the importance of CX and its impact to the bottom line. She adapted her leadership and communication style to different circumstances that helped her to effectively communicate the CX vision with clarity and passion that results in our organization taking clear action.”  

Have a look at her LinkedIN page: 


Christopher Toh

Associate Director – Financial Planning & Analysis at Marina Bay Sands Pvt. Ltd 

Christopher has been in the hospitality industry since 1997 and his long journey makes him an expert at understanding the importance of customer feedback. He mixes his expertise of the hotel industry with his deep knowledge of CX to make Marina Bay Sands a more customer-friendly place. 

Look at his story from the Nominator’s point of view: 

“Chris is equal parts science and art, which is what it takes to lead an unparalleled CX program in a complex environment like the Casino and Hospitality business. Chris uses various tech platforms to showcase the benefits of data science in the world of CX. But then he leverages his deep understanding of the Hospitality business to add the ‘art’ in CX in problem definition, change management, focus grouping, brainstorming, negotiation and on and on. He possesses a deadly combination of skills and the mindset to integrate CX into every facet of the organization. At Marina Bay Sands, we now generate over 100,000 survey responses a year from a single physical property, over 80,000 written comments, surveys at 90 touch points on the customer journey, over 2,000 service audits. Christopher has made all this possible with his keen skillset.” 

Know more about Christopher at: 

CloudCherry isn’t just about a product or a service, we are believers… We stand and care for CX enthusiasts who have a talent to make customers truly happy about their business. We have always admired and supported such specialists and will continue to do so even in the future. Our CX Champion Contest is just a small way of representing how much we actually care for CX superheroes and their contribution in making a company successful!