Customer Experience Management Platform to Delight Your Customers

How CloudCherry can help you ace Customer Experience

Naveen RajNaveen Raj | June 10, 2016

The world is a shopping addict. And no, we aren’t just making bold statements flippantly! Take a look at this: In 2015, $22.492 trillion worth of purchases were made globally. This gives us a brief picture of how many shoppers and how many brands there are in the world. Customers in the recent past have been spoilt for choice; so much so that they don’t hesitate to turn to your competitors even if you fail them to the slightest extent! For instance, 40% of customers start purchasing from a competitor because they offer better customer service. So, if you think your brand can afford to ignore the customer experience angle of business, the probability of your brand’s extinction is quite high.

What are Brands doing wrong?

As Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning ” No business is immune to unhappy customers. But before you start learning from unhappy customers, you first need to understand what customer experience is and stop making those mistakes that are hurting your business. The entire phenomenon of “shopping” is dramatically different today, than what it was a few decades ago. This has made it almost impossible for brands to keep track of what exactly their customers expect from them! The gaping wide gap between the experience a brand wants to provide and the experience it actually delivers, causes the customer to switch brands. This gap exists mainly due to these reasons:

• Brands give minimal importance to what the customer has to say. An existing customer does not have any means by which he can communicate with the brand and list out his problems.

• Brands basically have no tool by which they can track key metrics such as NPS®, best performing and least performing aspects of its business, etc and improve upon them. Even if this is done, the data that they capture and analyse is so old that by the time a conclusion is reached as to why the customer is unhappy, he has already decimated the brand on social media and has been swooped by competition.

• Whenever a customer lists out a problem, it never reaches the concerned person.

• No effort is taken by the brand to actually find the cause as to why the customer is unhappy. The person responsible always tries to shift the responsibility to others till is it forgotten or never surfaces again.

• Brands often forget that they interact with customers at various touch points. And even if this is realised they do have a way to streamline customer experience at every interaction.

How Cloudcherry helps brands delight their customers

A Customer Experience Management platform such as Cloudcherry is devised to bring brands closer to their customers and to help retain them by providing the best possible experience at any point. These are some of the main solutions we offer in this regard:

Listen to the Voice of the Customer using Customer feedback surveys

One of the most efficient ways to capture what the customer has to say is by using customer feedback surveys. Apart from being efficient it is also the cheapest and the most convenient way of listening to the Voice of the Customer. Unlike the outdated ways of conducting a customer feedback survey through pen and paper, we have digitized the process using an omni-channel approach. This has greatly increased the convenience and speed of the process.

Consider this example: One of the Brands that uses Cloudcherry’s CEM product is collecting more than 50,000 customer responses per month in over 240 locations across India. This shows how easy it is to listen to all the customers with whom the brand interacts and also shows the scale at which the process has been implemented.

Tracking Key Metrics in Real-Time

Tracking of key consumer metrics such as NPS and other anchor metrics, can be done on a real-time basis using CloudCherry. Unlike conventional methods such as market research, which take up a lot of one’s time and effort to track data, our CEM platform is a more hands-on method and can be used to take actions for a particular issue as it takes place not after. Once you get this customer data, it does not just sit there but can be compared to data over a timeline to see the progress of the brand.

At the same time, just tracking NPS and comparing it across timelines does not have any purpose unless and until we try to understand why the NPS is low or high. At this stage, other parameters such as most liked and least liked aspects as well as store, staff and product aspects are also tracked and evaluated to give a holistic picture and understand why your NPS needle shows that reading! . This not only solves the problem of retaining customers but also helps brands benchmark themselves with the industry standard and stay ahead of the competition.

retai giant

The graph above shows the NPS of a retail giant that has been tracking NPS regularly for a year now, with the help of CloudCherry. Over the last year, the brand has been able to increase and stabilise their NPS by tracking what aspects affect the NPS and this would have barely been possible without the implementation of CloudCherry’s CEM platform. In effect, they could improve their customer experience by a huge margin than what it is previously!

Escalation of Grievances using a Hierarchical Model

Whenever a customer grievance is identified, it is a must that it reaches the right person at the right time. There is no use in conducting a customer feedback survey if the grievances go unheeded. There are also instances where a certain grievance has been recorded but the first responder is not in a position to resolve it. Even though it might be a genuine case of being unable to give an immediate solution, the customer only looks at it as a failure on the part of the brand, which to him is a no-no.

Therefore, a system to address grievances based on hierarchical model is essential. This kind of a model makes sure the problem is addressed even if the first level responder does not take action. The problem goes up the hierarchy, sometime even to the CEO, until it has been resolved. Cloudcherry’s model is exactly such. Coupled with the ability to call customers directly from the portal, issues can be addressed with minimal delay. When such actions are taken, the customer feels that his concerns are being given priority and will easily convert from a detractor or a passive to a promoter and will not feel the pressing need to pour out on social media platforms.

Root cause analysis to find out why customers are unhappy

It is key to realize that problems or issues don’t just appear randomly. There is almost always a trigger that causes the dissatisfaction in a customer – this could be a deviation from the normal process or even if your service is not in alignment with the customer’s expectation. Let’s take the example of a restaurant to get a better idea of how this works. If a customer walks in to a restaurant and complains that “the food is bad ” we cannot hold the chef responsible in isolation.

It could be no fault of the chef but could be because the food was delivered late. Or the ingredients that went into making the dish were of sub-standard quality. Therefore, there is always a need to find out what the exact cause is, and to rectify it. For example, we have found that 30 % of people who were not greeted well by the staff tend to spend 40 % less on the bill. Cloudcherry is a platform where all the data that’s collected can be used to identify the root cause of the problem and provide actionable insights within three clicks of a button.

Taking an Omni-channel approach

A brand should ensure that they deliver a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. Delivering a brilliant experience at one touchpoint and a mediocre experience at another creates a mixture of happy and unhappy customers and will lead to the downfall of the brand in the area where the full potential could be delivered.

For providing a streamlined experience, the brand should first ensure that they capture the customer’s voice at every channel. By taking an omni-channel approach the brand will be able to identify the gaps where the promise is not delivered and will be able to improve the experience. The omni-channel solution provided by Cloudcherry has helped brands listen to every opinion of the customer. High-end retail clients are currently using Tablets, Websites, Email, SMS, outbound IVR and QR codes and a dozen other channels to listen to customers.


It goes unsaid that a lot of research and science has gone into developing CloudCherry’s CEM product. We have carefully analysed every touch point at which a brand interacts with its customers, captured every little aspect of customer experience in such detail that all it takes for a brand to up its game when it comes to CX is collecting feedback from their customers.

That data can be analysed to give you insights into a whole lot of things: Which aspect of your brand is most popular, what needs immediate attention, which location is doing better in which aspect, which exact demographic makes most purchases on a particular day of the week and what words people most commonly use when leaving free-text feedback! If you’re still on the fence about the practicality of investing in a CEM product, take a free tour of our product and find out for yourself just how much you can accomplish by making that decision.