The Cherry Tree Takes root!

CloudCherry | Featured | May 5, 2014

The Cherry Tree Takes Root!

It wasn’t that long ago that we conceptualized Cloudcherry, with a little more than a small, cobbled together, working prototype of a product. It held great promise as our early adopters would tell us and it needed a million more branches before it could truly bear fruit, as our advisors would tell us.

So the team embarked upon a campaign to test the product-market fit across diverse geographies as India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Qatar and Singapore. What we found was not just willing early adopters but phenomenal demand for exactly what we had dreamt up.

Our very first feedback!

Therein started the most ambitious build-out of our lives – creating a real-time customer sentiment tracking platform. A platform that would be open scalable and capable of global adoption. We set an ambitious development target of May 02, based on a little science and basis the fact that it was my birthday. It was almost prophetic, for with almost a skeletal development team that made up for its lack of numbers with an almost rabid sense of purpose – putting in the hours, days and weeks with Nagendra, our Chief Technology Architect’s sheer genius at the helm

Today, I proudly stand with this team, having cut my surprise birthday cake at midnight – which interjected my usual sermon on timelines! Every day, I am challenged, inspired and egged on by Vijay the dreamer – our Product Head and Chief Evangalist, Prem the dreamweaver – our Chief Brand Officer and the best possible promoter group a start up CEO can hope for. What better place to call home than where we get to harness the collective wisdom of Dr. Bala V Balachandran, Professor Sriram, Mrs.Jayshree and Mr.Hariharan every single day.

On the 2nd of May, we proudly announced the Private BETA of Cloudcherry CC CART (Consumer Analytics Real Time). If you would like an invite for an all-access BETA, visit us at and we’ll get one to you right away.

Here’s to pushing customer satisfaction to extinction – making customer delight the new benchmark and shooting for customer astonishment!


Enjoy this little video – it takes only 2 minutes and does a way better job of telling you what we do than all the prose I can write up.