The Ides of March – CEO Diaries

CloudCherry | Featured | April 28, 2016

If Caesar had known about the fate that was to befall him, I suspect he might’ve been reasonably tense on the 15th of March. I felt quite like that as the quarter and fiscal were coming to an end, and the teams were buzzing around trying to turn in the year’s numbers. Unlike Caesar, and some 2060 years later; I type this feeling much better as the team on-boarded some phenomenal clients to the delight train. From healthcare disruptor Portea, to the funky brand Chumbak and Online travel icon Yatra or the illustrious Tata Steel; we signed up clients across the globe, across verticals united by the one common bond that great companies share – the tireless quest to deliver Customer Delight.

This month also brought in the news that every startup wants to hear – validation from the market in the form of our selection in the first list of 15 for Intech50. Perhaps the best award we’ve won till date and the one that means a whole lot more than just a plaque on the wall.

As in all newsletters, I am in a position to tell as much as I cannot, which would leave you wondering what’s cooking, and me with an enigmatic smile 🙂 I am sure the May newsletter will have lots of explosive news to add to what is developing to be a real Indian summer. Needless to say, we are hiring – if you are employable in any shape or form, totally passionate about working for a phenomenal start up and believe you’re better than the best, I suggest you mail us.

I am always advised to keep my newsletters short but its sometimes hard to say so much in so few words. I shall leave you all with a small ‘Thank You‘ note to the partners outside of CloudCherry who support us, motivate us and ensure the Ides of March is just another day. Thank you for delighting us always – our Investors (IDG Ventures & TCA), our Partners Capillary, Microsoft, Microsoft Ventures and the wonderful iSPIRT Family. A special whistle out to three stalwarts of the Indian Startup scene who have helped me and CloudCherry immensely without making much noise – Girish Mathrubootham, Aneesh Reddy and Mithun Sacheti; thank you for being such pillars of support!

Stay cool, and stay delighted!
Vinod Muthukrishnan
Co-founder & CEO