Brands that Delight – Toni & Guy Chennai

CloudCherry | Featured | February 2, 2015

Brands That Delight – Toni & Guy Chennai

What is Brands That Delight? Find out here.

Brand #1 – Toni & Guy, Chennai

It all started with this Facebook post.

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We spoke to Sam Paul, Director of Paulsons (of which Toni & Guy India is a part of) and Runima Biswas, President of Paulsons, who was also the manager on duty on the day Raghini was there. Here’s what they have to say about Customer Delight.

Customer Delight is more than a concept – It’s a KRA

Everyone talks about the concept of great experiences that result in Customer Delight, but at most places, it ends up as just concepts. For it to actually matter and make a difference, the brand, and every person representing the brand needs to make it their KRA.

At Toni & Guy, It’s all about Customer Delight. If a customer is not happy with a treatment, it’s given free – no questions asked. Why?

Sam Paul: “Because that’s what we are in business for – making people happy. So if they’re not happy, we can’t charge them. No matter what we do, a customer might never be happy. But if they come back to us, they might be happy the second time, the third and so on. And that’s what makes them love the brand”.

Customer Delight is everyone’s responsibility

Customer Delight is everyone’s responsibility. Every brand has a value, and a reputation that takes years to build. This value and reputation can be shattered in a matter of seconds.

Toni & Guy makes sure that every single person that represents this brand the way it’s intended to be, with integrity, value and always putting the customer first.

“Customers want to be heard – we make sure we listen!”

Your people are everything – show them everything they need to know

At Toni & Guy, every staff member is given the right training, tools and guidance required to ensure that they are always at their top performance. The management also believes that Delight comes from every Staff member, and

for that, they ensure that the staff always feel motivated and proud to represent a great brand.

Every staff member is taught how to run a business – with all its upsides and downsides. Screw up and you’re penalized (no exceptions, no matter what level they are at). Perform well and you’re rewarded handsomely. From the outside, it might seem harsh, but the numbers speak otherwise – no attrition in 4 years (except the few who went on to open their own salons)!

Winning a customer is hard – winning back a customer is extremely hard!

Sam Paul: “I once had a customer who came in for a treatment. He hated what was done, he felt that our staff didn’t treat him well and he left with a huff, swearing never to return again. This potential loss hurt me – and I wanted to do everything I could to turn this around. At the end of week 1, I personally gave him a call. He responded, and he still hadn’t calmed down.

Since then, I called him every week – for 50 weeks! All I did was enquire how he was doing and nothing more. No offers, no requests, no pleading, but just friendly conversations.

52 weeks later, he said ‘You know what, Maybe I’ll come by‘. He did, had a great experience and went away happy.

A delighted customer is a friend for life

Today, the same person is one of Sam’s biggest supporters. That customer even actually flew down all the way from another city, just to be part of a one of their product launches.

So what it hard work? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

This is just the story of one customer. Toni & Guy boasts of an entire book full of such customers that swear by the brand.

“We believe in Discipline (which is our corporate culture), Dedication (To your work, to service) and loyalty (to the brand and the company)”

There is no one golden moment for customer Delight

As a business owner/manager, you might think that there’s a single Delight moment – one that’s like that perfect high note, that perfect putt. If only it was that easy!

There is no one golden Delight moment. Delight is a collective of the entire experience. From the moment a customer walks in to your outlet, they are taking mental notes and making impressions – ones that will last forever. Heck, there’s actually made an impression about you before they’ve even come to you, thanks to Social Media and the Web.

So, what does this mean to brands like yourself? – Make EVERY Moment Delightful.

To Raghini, her experience with Toni & Guy was memorable only because from the very moment she stepped into the salon, she was treated in just the right way. From the smiles, the welcome, the way the stylist and manager empathized with her, not questioning even once if she was making the story up and actually making amends for it – now that’s more than 5 moments, each having an impact on the overall experience.


“Hair treatment is like finding a soul mate – it’s an extremely personal experience. It’s about you, and your hair. No matter how good we believe it looks, if you don’t like it, it’s no good. At Toni & Guy, it’s not about how much the stylist charges or how experienced they are. We believe in finding you the right stylist, the soul mate for your hair. And once you do, we’ll make sure we do everything to delight you every single time!”