Brand Building Through Customer Experience

Brand Building in the Customer Experience World

CloudCherry | Featured | April 13, 2017

With Digitization becoming ubiquitous, brand building is a totally different ball game today. Customers have started paying much more attention to what your brand stands for, the true purpose behind what you do, and whether all this resonates with their emotions and sentiment. They’ve, in other words, started looking beyond your offerings, discounts, and all the traditional marketing campaigns.


So, while the term ‘brand’ has been effortlessly thrown around, building a credible and authentic one is quite the uphill task. That being the case, how should large organizations revamp their brand strategy? What are the various factors they need to work on in this predominantly digital world to win over customers and retain them in the long run?


1. Define your Purpose

Simon Simek puts it across perfectly:
“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

A strong WHY is often the real difference between a brand like say, Apple, and other also-rans. Clearly define your purpose as an organization – how do you want customers to perceive your brand? Also, what are the values you stand for?

For instance, here is Zappos’ vision – what they believe in. Similarly, come up with your own version of what your brand should encompass, this includes everything from how you want your staff to adapt with your long-term vision, etc.

2. Target a Niche

No matter how huge or popular a brand you are, you can’t expect to delight every single customer out there. This is why it is important to create a niche for yourself.

This, unfortunately, cannot happen overnight. It takes a lot of time understanding customers, and then understanding whether their expectations are in sync with your product/service offerings. Collecting customer feedback can, however, help zero in on your niche, the type of audience you need to target, and how to adapt to this customer base based on their evolving expectations.

3. Get your Employees behind this purpose

Defining a brand purpose and finding out your niche doesn’t really lift your brand unless all your employees are driven by this purpose.

Do your employees feel like they are part of your company? And do you feel like your employees are an extension of your company’s vibrant culture?

Staff who are not motivated or not aligned with the brand purpose and vision will keep you bound to mediocrity. The climb up the ladder to become a great, wildly successful brand requires the dedication and effort of every single employee.

4. Build Engagement

Nurturing your customers is an art. Keeping them hooked onto your brand, not limited to what you offer but on a more magnanimous and deeper level, is what build hardcore loyalty.

If there’s anything so evident that differentiates brands like Apple from the rest of their competitors, it is simply how LOYAL their customers are. 9 out of 10 times Apple customers would stick by their brand no matter what – even during the hard times.

Differentiating your brand with the help of Customer experience is increasingly gaining both popularity and credibility. If you have yourself experienced the power of Customer Experience in building your brand and the loyalty of your customers towards your brand, write in to us at We would love to hear your success story.

And if building a powerful brand has been your vision, get in touch with CloudCherry to understand how we can fuel your Customer Experience success story!