Here’s how you can action an {Amazing Customer Experience}

CloudCherry | Featured | November 2, 2016

A general what-is-cooking-around-the-world-in-the-CX-space weekend curiosity led me to a video on YouTube titled “The formula for great Customer Experience”. Naturally, it piqued my interest, because, that’s arguably the biggest question so many businesses are asking themselves at this very moment! Great! So, I sit to watch the video and it felt right to share it with our audience for three reasons:

1. The video lists out the traits of a great Customer Experience program in a nutshell.
2. It perfectly echoes all our beliefs and efforts to educate the business world about the pros of delivering an awesome Customer Experience.
3. It is compelling and convincing, just like how your customer experience should be!

Alright! So, whatever you’re doing. I urge you to take 10 minutes off and invest it in watching this video which summarizes the pressing need to invest in Customer Experience (CX) right away.



Vusi Thembekwayo lays out his formula for great Customer Experience with the help of four factors – 3Rs and 1C.

1. Relevance: Adapting to change and evolving with time to meet the needs of the customer is something that most businesses miss out on. Building experiences that is of relevance to the customer is one of the four stepping stones to customer experience success. You may have a business strategy in place with which you hope to accomplish your CX targets, but none of those will be effective unless you are relevant to the customers’ changing needs.

2. Reliability: Timeliness and consistency are key to delivering a reliable customer experience. While IT itself is merely an enabler of delivering consistent customer experiences, what actually drives it is CULTURE. You may have the best product in place, the most technologically sound backend, but in order to bring that state-of-the-art technology to the common man, you need to have a strong sense of organization-wide customer-centric culture. Only with culture will we be able to bridge the gap between system architecture efficiency and customer experience.

3. Responsiveness: Being responsive ultimately boils down to careful listening – listening with the intent to understand your customers, and understanding with the view to act. We see typical examples of irresponsiveness every single day. There are cases where a frustrated customer tweets a complaint to a business only for the business’s social media team to reply back, asking the customer to follow them and DM them. Such actions are the equivalent of online reputation and crises management rather than being empathetic of the customer. It’s always better – when your customers complaint – to take a step back and find out the core issue (a.k.a the root cause) because hey, the fastest response doesn’t necessarily make for the best one.

4. Convenience: Convenience is all about being where the customer needs you, when the customer needs you. Irrespective of how amazing a product/service your company is able to create, if you aren’t available for the customer at his or her convenience, the whole point of delivering a great experience is lost. Companies need to buy into the omnichannel business model and do it effectively. Give clear and concise contact information, optimize the experience across all channels by minimizing the steps and understand the customer journey to analyse painpoints that need to be addressed. All this makes the customer’s experience a lot more convenient and effortless during every engagement with your brand.

This formulaic approach to improving customer experience is not only simple but easily executable. By adopting it, you can set clear-cut action points and develop strategies around them in order to cultivate that much-evasive customer-centric company culture.

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