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Creating a Customer-Centric Culture: Share Data with Purpose

Photo by Austin Distel  Photo by Oleg Laptev  Even just 20 years ago, the job of “Chief Customer Experience Officer” at companies like a regional credit union, a large insurance…

Customer Experience

More Than Just Data: Why Actionable Insights Matter

Photo by Adam Le Sommer Photo by Karla Vidal  There's no question that customer experience (CX) is a data-driven discipline. After all, at the foundation of most CX programs are close-ended…

Customer Experience

Breaking the Status Quo of CX — Part 2

Many corporate initiatives start out with a flood of excitement and energy, but it can be hard to sustain that momentum over the long haul. That's a big reason why…

Customer Experience

Breaking the Status Quo of CX — Part 1

A sobering stat has been making the rounds in customer experience (CX) circles lately: 93 percent of organizations fail to differentiate on CX, according to CX thought leader Bob Thompson.…

Customer Experience

Epic Fail of Customer Journey Mapping — Part 2

In our last post, we discussed three common pitfalls companies encounter in their customer journey marketing (CJM) initiatives: little support from the C-suite, a short-sided view of the end goal,…