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CloudCherry – Tying Financial Goals to CX Metrics

“Firms will continue to regard CX as a collection of continuous improvement projects until they see an irrefutable, directly attributable connection to returns.” - Forrester, Hardwire Customer Experience 2018 This is…

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The CX Champions Who Deserve More Than Just A Prize- Feb ‘19

At CloudCherry, we believe customers are our backbone and value employees and influencers who make customers their top priority. This year, we came up with an idea to award such talented CX…

Customer Experience

Webinar Recap from Temkin’s “Driving CX Action, not Just Insights”

On October 12th, we co-hosted a webinar with the CX Network where customer experience legend Bruce Temkin shared his insights on turning customer feedback into actions. He walked us through…

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Top women CXOs

It is International Women’s Day, a day to honor and celebrate the achievements of women who inspire us in their own unique ways. It’s a day to remember why ‘Women’…

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The Customer Experience Maturity Model

You can’t decide where you’re going if you don’t take stock of where you are. An amazing customer experience won’t just happen by accident. To assess your readiness for CX…