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Member Journey Mapping

How well do you know the experience your members have when they walk into one of you branches compared to when a customer logs into your online banking portal? In reality these are very different journeys, and if you’re not tracking the experience along both journeys you may find that it’s much different than you imagined.

Member journey mapping can help discover gaps in your member experience, expose operational inefficiencies, and provides suggestions to improve each touchpoint. For example, do you know how many steps it takes for a new member to obtain a loan? If the last time you walked through the processes of your members was a while ago, you might be surprised at the hoops you make them jump through.

CloudCherry is equipped with an in-product journey-based feature that aids your Member Experience Management. By combining the journey map with member touchpoints like a post-transaction survey, measuring the member experience becomes more about the contextual, lifelong relationship you have with your members – and less about one moment in time.

CEM + Operational Data

The days of exporting data from your CEM and other operational systems are over. With CloudCherry, you can integrate your data from across your organization right in the platform where you need it, to uncover deeper insights and connect your member experience initiatives to your financial metrics.

If your member and transactional data lives separately from the experiential data, you’ll never get the full picture of your customers. We understand how key this integration is to manage the member experience, which is why we’ve put so much time into making our Open API platform easy to connect into. Deep, secure two-way sync between your systems means that you can break down the silos between the member experience team and every other department.

Bringing operational and experiential data together in one place is a powerful way to understand your customers. CloudCherry brings this insight into your existing workflows so instead of relying on spreadsheets and exports, you’ll have insights available at your fingertips.

Insight that moves your business

Which branch has the best rated environment? How does NPS vary across the different demographics? Which financial products have the lowest overall rating? Getting answers to these questions with traditional survey questions would require exporting huge spreadsheets of data and an enormous amount of time. But with CloudCherry’s single-question approach to data collection and storage, you can slice your data in real time, in product, with the response analysis module.

Dive deeper into what your members are telling you to truly understand the needs of your member base – across different segments, member journeys and branches.

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