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Making product and operational changes often requires very large investments in time and money. To secure the budget you need to make an impact, it’s important to build a case that will build confidence and secure buy-in at the executive level. Understanding exactly what drives customers to purchase and stick around is critical to improving your customer experience program.

With the CloudCherry predictive module, you can see exactly what changes will have the biggest impact on your financial goals or CX goals. So, when you’re deciding whether to invest in better customer service, or a better design of your product, we can tell you how either will affect the business. It’s like having a magic eight ball that actually knows your business.

Customer Journey

Every customer has a different experience with your company. What if you could deliver exactly what each unique customer needed exactly when and where they needed it? This is what multi-channel journey maps do. By bringing your customer journey maps into CloudCherry, your customer experience team can personalize touchpoints based on where customers have been and what they need next.

For example, consider a customer just starting their trial with your software. At each critical moment, your customer success team can be there to provide help and guidance when needed. Instead of spraying your entire customer base with general information, be laser specific about when and where your customers need support.

If a problem occurs, CloudCherry’s closed loop system delivers contextual notifications to enable teams to recover quickly. Real-time responses at just the right moment can convert an unhappy customer into a loyal customer for life.


Just by doing business, you’ve collected tons of valuable data about your customers. From their product usage to their purchase history to their customer service interactions – you know a lot about your customers. The problem is that this information is siloed in various data systems across your business like your CRM or your marketing automation tools. In the past, bringing it together to form any type of meaningful insights about your customers requires exporting large amounts of data and filtering enormous unwieldly spreadsheets.

CloudCherry understands how important this data is for a full picture of your customer. That’s why we’ve invested time to make integrating your CEM with your CRM, MA or financial tools simple. We help you bring the data from across your business together to develop a deeper understanding of your customers.

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