Ensuring Delightful CX Across Touch points

CloudCherry's simple yet organised interface allows analysis of Team-Specific data and insights for better CX

Across The Organization

Driving Customer Centricity

Across The Organization

How Cloudcherry Helps Global Organizations

Deliver Consistent CX

Use ‘Spaces’ To Analyze Team-Specific Data And Insights

Organizations can make use of our ‘Spaces’ feature to drive collaboration between teams and create tangible action plans that improve CX. Every user within the organization can create their own spaces to visualize customer data based on their needs without digressing from the organization-wide goals.

Each space will have its own custom dashboard, response and metric trends, widgets, response analysis and other sections. For instance, a store manager can create a space where he views store performance related metrics (ambience, product quality and more) whereas a CEO can track key organization-wide metrics like NPS, CSAT in his/her space.

Create Department-SpecificSurvey Questionnaires

CloudCherry’s Questionnaire Builder enables organizations to customize questions for different spaces and departments. This means various teams can run personalized surveys across multiple touchpoints to constantly monitor their performance.

This allows multiple users (managers, C-level executives and more) to streamline surveys and focus on monitoring different aspects of the customer experience. For instance, a store manager can create surveys with questions on store ambience, product variety and so on, whereas a digital marketing head can ask questions related to website experience, navigation and more.

View And Analyze Predictive Goals

Set customized key performance indicators (KPIs) for different departments based on their functions. For instance, set a CSAT target for one of your stores, NPS target for your website, and a Customer Effort Score target for your contact center.

Based on the KPIs set, we ensure that each team is empowered with relevant actionable insights to reach their goals, and contribute to overall customer loyalty, retention and profitability.


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