Tracking Key Metrics Just Became Simpler

Analyse end-to-end customer journeys by identifying key touch points and customer interactions on an integrated dashboard

Delivering Delight

Managing Customer Experiences And

Delivering Delight

Don’t Stop At Collecting Feedback.

Action It.

Analyze Customer Responses In Multiple Ways

CloudCherry gives users the ability to analyze customer feedback in any way they want to. Use multiple filters and conditions to truly understand the motivation behind every customer response, and generate accurate insights.

Identify customer groups (promoters, passives, detractors and so on) and reach out to them on time to understand their aspirations and proactively serve them. View downloadable scorecards, new color palettes, and analyze trends per scorecard with our improved analytics platform.

Map Omni-Channel Customer Journeys

We help you adopt a journey-based to managing customer experience. Map end-to-end customer journeys by identifying key touchpoints and stages of customer interactions.

Use our Journey Visualizer to effortlessly visualize the entire customer journey (micro and macro journeys). Gain actionable insights at each stage of the customer journey with recommendations on customer likes/dislikes, improving loyalty, and other aspects of customer experience.

Design And Regulate Omni-Channel Surveys

CloudCherry’s omni-channel framework allows organizations to listen to customers across 17 different physical and digital touchpoints. Creating surveys is no longer a time-consuming process on our Questionnaire Builder – view your survey as and when you are designing it!

Furthermore, regulate omni-channel surveys to your customer base at timely intervals in order to reduce survey fatigue. Schedule surveys based on responses received and number of survey invites sent. Also, send reminders at regular intervals if customers haven’t answered your surveys yet.


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