Delivering Predictive Insights

Vision and understanding through metrics that help you determine future CX improvement plans

Drive Profitability

Turning Feedback Into Insights That

Drive Profitability

How Cloudcherry Powers Global Organizations To Be


Extract Predictive Insights With What-If Scenarios

CloudCherry helps you identify and drill down into future customer needs and aspirations. Run multiple what-if scenarios on our platform to analyze the impact of CX improvement strategies.

What is the impact of repeat business if I improve store ambience rating by 15%? We provide organizations with the ability to predict future customer behavior and create CX strategies that drive tangible financial outcomes.

Analyze Trends Of Key Metrics And Responses

Tracking key metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES should ultimately help drive loyalty and retention. Which is why CloudCherry helps users not only monitor these metrics but also analyze trends across different timelines (weekly, monthly, yearly basis and more).

Why has my NPS reduced this month compared to last month? Use our simple widgets to keep track of these trends at any point of time. Also, organizations can also drill down into customer response trends to find out how customer feedback rates are varying over time.

Identify Correlations Between Factors That Drive Cx

With CloudCherry, organizations can identify the core influencers of CX (store ambience, website experience, staff efficiency, and so on), discover correlations between them and then establish causation. This gives you a 360-degree view of the customer experience, enabling better data-driven decisions and strategies.

Bring down customer churn significantly by using our churn predictor tool. Anticipate poor customer experiences, predict how customers will react when the relationship with the brand is tested, and take preemptive steps to combat churn.


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